I'm a hideous motherfucker.

Justbringit1405 (2:03:47 AM):hey
Kyrie  (2:04:04 AM):Hi
Justbringit1405 (2:04:21 AM):do you RP?
Kyrie  (2:04:24 AM):Yes...
Justbringit1405 (2:04:34 AM):your under my 'rp' list
Justbringit1405 (2:04:40 AM):what do you RP?:)
Kyrie  (2:04:42 AM):Huh.
Kyrie  (2:04:52 AM):Uhh... Lots. Of things. Are... You on LJ?
Justbringit1405 (2:05:06 AM):No...
Justbringit1405 (2:05:15 AM):I used to gaia, but not in a long time
Kyrie  (2:05:19 AM):Huh.
Justbringit1405 (2:05:46 AM):Do you use canon or oc's?
Kyrie  (2:06:06 AM):Canon... mostly
Justbringit1405 (2:13:35 AM):thats cool
Justbringit1405 (2:13:47 AM):what anime/video games?
Kyrie  (2:14:00 AM):Uhh... Right now Final Fantasy XIII
Justbringit1405 (2:14:33 AM):thats cool, what else?
Kyrie  (2:14:48 AM):Left 4 Dead?
Justbringit1405 (2:15:00 AM):not seen that one..
Justbringit1405 (2:17:14 AM):do you ever play evil?
Kyrie  (2:17:35 AM):E...vil?
Justbringit1405 (2:17:46 AM):as in..evil characters?
Kyrie  (2:18:05 AM):I played Dahlia Hawthorne..?
Justbringit1405 (2:18:43 AM):do you play male chars?
Kyrie  (2:18:52 AM):Sometimes...
Kyrie  (2:19:08 AM):YOU KNOW WHAT I PLAY GIDEON from Scott Pilgrim
Justbringit1405 (2:22:47 AM):oh thats cool
Justbringit1405 (2:22:57 AM):if i gave you a bio could you play someone?
Kyrie  (2:23:03 AM):Um maybe
Justbringit1405 (2:23:41 AM):what name appeals to you, jack or jiraya?
Kyrie  (2:23:54 AM):Jack
Justbringit1405 (2:24:36 AM):Jacks a young guy who's obsessed with mythcial creatures. My character is a very rare species of fairy, could you play jack who would try to capture him?
Kyrie  (2:25:55 AM):Is he so tiny that he's going to stick his dick in Jack's urethra?
Kyrie  (2:26:36 AM):Oh and then can Jack shove him up his ass?
Kyrie  (2:26:54 AM):Do you like vore?
Kyrie  (2:27:20 AM):What about vomit-play?
Justbringit1405 (2:28:16 AM):you being serious?
Kyrie  (2:28:28 AM):Very.
Kyrie  (2:28:45 AM):Oh, is the fairy transgender?
Justbringit1405 (2:28:52 AM):no..
Justbringit1405 (2:28:56 AM):and no sexual play
Kyrie  (2:29:04 AM):What, are you serious?
Kyrie  (2:29:07 AM):What's the point in that?
Justbringit1405 (2:29:15 AM):i like gripping story
Justbringit1405 (2:29:28 AM):if there was any sex, it wouldnt be til a bit later...
Kyrie  (2:29:31 AM):A gripping story isn't gripping unless someone gets sodomized.
Justbringit1405 (2:29:59 AM):maybe we should work on the capture scene first
Kyrie  (2:30:34 AM):Yeah but why woudl he want to capture the fairy unless he can have sex with it?
Justbringit1405 (2:30:53 AM):because hes obsessed, always has been
Kyrie  (2:31:07 AM):Yeah but why is he obsessed unless he wants some fairy cock?
Justbringit1405 (2:32:31 AM):to keep as a pet
Kyrie  (2:32:36 AM):A sexy pet?
Justbringit1405 (2:32:40 AM):or myabe use him to massage his giant feet
Kyrie  (2:32:46 AM):Er...otically?
Justbringit1405 (2:32:57 AM):no...?
Justbringit1405 (2:33:00 AM):maybe later..?
Kyrie  (2:33:25 AM):But waiting suuuuucks
Justbringit1405 (2:34:18 AM):lets try the capturing scene, ok?
Kyrie  (2:34:29 AM):Well ok
Kyrie  (2:34:51 AM):Can Jack wear assless chaps?
Justbringit1405 (2:35:00 AM):no..
Kyrie  (2:35:02 AM):What?
Kyrie  (2:35:06 AM):But they're so fashionable.
Kyrie  (2:35:19 AM):What about a ballerina costume?
Kyrie  (2:36:12 AM):Oh and hooker boots. Is that okay?
Kyrie  (2:36:18 AM):Oh and do you like scat?
Kyrie  (2:36:46 AM):Golden showers, too. Like, the fairy dude could try urethral insertion on Jack, and Jack could just pee on him.
Kyrie  (2:37:16 AM):Oh I know, have you seen two girls one cup?
Kyrie  (2:37:31 AM):Oh nipple insertion too
Kyrie  (2:37:37 AM):Or nipple torture
Kyrie  (2:37:44 AM):Or attaching car batteries to jack's balls
Kyrie  (2:38:08 AM):We should do something with a caddle prod, too.
Kyrie  (2:38:12 AM):Seriously any ideas?
Kyrie  (2:38:59 AM):Rimming...
Kyrie  (2:39:09 AM):Oh and... I mean I know some people don't like this, but goatse?
Kyrie  (2:39:32 AM):And inflation.
Kyrie  (2:39:43 AM):And I'm really into like hard cum facials.
Kyrie  (2:40:17 AM):And then after all of that he could kill the fairy dude and do some necro.
Kyrie  (2:40:31 AM):On his tiny body.
Kyrie  (2:40:50 AM):You don't want to now?
Kyrie  (2:40:52 AM):... Okay.
Kyrie  (2:41:24 AM):Bye. :-)
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